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Aggression is a tricky thing: If you've got too much of it you can go mad with anger. Too little of it and you can quickly lose your point of argument. And the internet is already full of people who hate, often times for no good reason. My anger, right now, is directed at social networking sites, or rather, the people on them. I know it's probably internet blasphemy to talk bad about people's precious favorite websites, but agree or disagree, you've got to admit that these sites have their problems and simply ignoring them is not helping you nor anyone on your friend's lists.
Aside from occasionally talking to someone on a social networking site, I don't really do much on the internet:
ScrewAttack, Twitter, and a couple of other sites. That's it.
Yet whenever I'm off of the internet, it's pretty much this:

Facebook: The biggest offender, I'm tired of the idiots who want to argue on Fakebook as though they're on a forum. Little do they realize that their information is RIGHT THERE on their profiles.
      I'm also tired of having to sift through page after page of meaningless drivel of hashtags, @ replies, Farmville, requests for games that I have no interest in and hearing the teenagers in my life whine about a minor problem as though no one will ever understand them.
     Another problem: do I know you? I've had several people whom I've never spoken to and some I've made fun of in the past actually send me a friend request. I even have a young kid with the same name as me that added me a couple of months ago. Why? He added others with the same name.
    Which brings me to my last problem: the kids on Fakebook. I'm not in a position to say parents shouldn't allow their kids on there, but they're simply not mature enough for it. The things they mostly do is play games. If they want to do that, go to Zone or Neopets.
Twitter: Again with the hashtags, repeated news, April Fools jokes (check the date on this blog entry... yeah...), and the feeling of no connectivity I have no reason to be on Twitter even after all the condemning I've done of it.
Myspace: No one's there anymore. Apparently having customization, a music and video player, blogs and a sense of identity drove people away to Fakebook. They got tired of all the "spam" when in fact Myspace has put a hard stop to that long ago. And now I'm seeing more and more of the older people on Fakebook, who know very little about computers, post things such as "VIRUS! DO NOT ADD THIS PERSON!"
Gaming community sites: I'm not friends with anyone on these things. I've tried connecting to them, but no one wants it. Try getting a play session together with people without a 5 month notice leading up to it. No chance. Or the worst part, and I've left about 4 gaming sites because of this, you simply don't feel as though you belong. The community has a clique vibe going and the top members are an exclusive club that makes noobs feel unwelcome.
Gaming websites: you can contribute your life away but it's not going to help you get any closer to getting a real job for them or a gaming company. You think I get paid for writing this blog? HA! I could only dream an opportunity like that would come along.

Keep Playing.


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