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Just a quick blog. It's not about Halo, exactly. It's a message to the people who hate the series.

I bought my first Halo game just this week. I even went to a midnight launch with a friend to get it, I didn't want to get it, I can live without Halo.
After playing the game for several hours I can definitely say that the overall game is shallow. It has a short but compelling storyline and the small amount of maps for the multiplayer can get boring quickly. But I've played with my friend and her friends and have had one of the best times online (when my stupid wireless adapter doesn't cut me off). And even during matchmaking I haven't ran into any 12-year olds and only muted one guy for screaming into his mic.
All of it made me realize that its not just about the game, its about the community behind it. Bungie has done a lot with the Halo universe and, despite Master Chief being the most boring character in video game history, I'm pretty sure it won't end here. 343 Industries was created to keep the Halo name alive (I can just hear the haters now doing a Darth Vader "NOOOOooo" yell).

All of this boils down to one point: Why do people hate on others for enjoying a video game?
Its not your cup of tea. So what? Don't bother other people who are having a good time. Neither one of you is right or wrong. Halo does have its shortcomings but makes up for in other areas.

I don't like Final Fantasy, is that a travesty? I have Final Fantasy 10 in my collection, someone gave it to me and I've been holding on to it just so I can trade it in. I also have Advent Children, it's an okay movie. I've played and enjoyed Final Fantasy 8, which is apparently the real travesty because it wasn't a copy of 7 like everyone wanted.

Get over it.

That's what the haters need to do: get over it.

Halo is a video game. Just a game. Its not like people need to debate over it. Its not politics. It's just a game.


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