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Control Freak: About Communities

When it came down to the review of GTA V, the Gamespot community was outraged because their beloved game didn't get a perfect 10/10. The immaturity and trolling has shone bright in the comments section and, quite honestly, makes me feel ashamed to be a gamer.

If people, mostly men, but I can safely assume that there are a lot of teenagers too, are too immature to grow up and accept a VIDEO GAME'S RATING, then the future is doomed. If they care more about the number score for a VIDEO GAME than they do for a person's life (if you didn't watch the video, some users actually threatened the reviewer), then I can most certainly say that I don't want anything to do with this game.

Its a small section of the internet, but regardless its one that's supposed to be a community. When that community disrespects not only the other users, but the employees of that site, I wonder how they act in real life.


Douglas Morey said...

Wow. A 9/10 is still a good score. Some people are fickle little assholes, aren't they?

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