RIP Justin Carmical, aka JewWario

A lot of people don't know who JewWario was, and that's a shame. He specialized in reviewing Japanese import video games that could be played in the US through various means. It was his passion to share his love of the weird Japanese games he may have found with the audience, and how easily they could be played in the US through a simple cable or box add-on.
I didn't know him personally, and in fact, the only time he ever saw my name was when he replied to a comment I made in a chat stream of his, coincidentally the screenshot I took that's posted below is from that chat. What I can gather is that he was always friendly, funny, helped others out, and was just generally a nice guy overall.
I'm probably one of the last people that should even be doing a "tribute" blog to JewWario since I didn't know him personally. But I feel like I did. Like if I walked up to him at a convention and said hi and told him who I was he'd just be friendly, he'd be interested in this blog and would actually read a post. He seemed like that type of guy. He brought laughter and was nice to not only his fans but all the people he met.
I don't want to go into details of his death but they're not hard to find. The words of his wife are the bitterest pills to swallow.
I'm currently watching a live stream of his colleagues Nash, Diamanda, Linkara, Mike "Birdman" Dodd, and few others and we're just trying to laugh and feel better with the memories. 

1971 - 2014

(Please note that I DID NOT post this blog in order to get views, as someone has so rudely suggested of all of us who have done so. This blog is to let you know that this man suffered in silence with depression to a point where it became too much. This is done to make you aware that the gaming community has lost one of its most enthusiastic members/leaders, and that he will be dearly missed.)


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