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To better understand who I am as a gamer, you can read My Gaming History, Abridged.

I started writing reviews and blogs on Gamespot back in 2003. These were badly phrased, hastily written, short pieces of tripe that I'm glad to have left behind. I continued submitting there and several other sites before I began to seriously contemplate the idea of starting my own blog. I chose Blogger to immediately suit my needs. I started writing more than just reviews in an attempt to better my ability. My hopes were to one day find a job writing for a site, be it professional or independent. Sadly written reviews these days are mostly ignored, but I'll keep trying.

Over 5 years later, after countless missed release dates, dozens of unpublished blogs, over 10,000 views, and here I am. Still writing....
-Reviews - These are reviews of more current releases
-A Second Look @ (A2LA) - These are reviews of old games
-Control Freak - These are blogs where I speak my mind on the industry, gamers, and the culture
-Random Blogs - These are less harsh and deal with things from an objective point of view, sometimes they may just be a video


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