Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random Blog #1

SO I'm trying to get into the Twelve Sky 2 closed beta right now, I'm downloading it as I'm typing. I played the first game for a total of 2 days, was incredibly bored and unimpressed so I got rid of it. It's usually these Free-to-Play MMO's that get a lot of flak from me. Most of them follow the same general formula: Oriental background, PvP is expert-player level ONLY, and most of them have characters where you play as a kid (where are the parents?).
I've tried out a few more MMO's, one being RAN Online, a game from the Philippines. Pretty good up until the point where you realize there are over 100 levels. Around level 30 is when you start to think it's impossible. (Don't ask me for a link, I can't find any real site.)
Perfect World was one that I was going to try out, but I never could find the time to download it. One friend says it's almost as good as World of Warcraft, meanwhile the internet says it's crap. I don't know who to believe and if I can ever download it, I'll let you know.
I'm giving Twelve Sky 2 the benefit of the doubt and trying it out.

It was announced on GameTrailers that the next Tony Hawk game is going to be Tony Hawk: Ride. The game has been in development for two years and it uses a skateboard peripheral. I'm with the few intelligent people on the forums, rather than bashing the game and Tony himself, I agree that the games need to revert back to the simpler roots, the arcade goals, the fun gameplay... not this:

I've never been a huge fan of RTS games, or even good at them, but whenever I watch
BattleCast Prime, it makes me want to play something. I spent about an hour earlier playing an old RTS and soon I'm going to reinstall Company of Heroes.
I've been meaning to get Command & Conquer 3 (or the all-in-one collection) but I can never find it. These days it's only the expansion that I'm finding in stores.

I'm going to be posting a new Tech News soon, sometime next week. Be on the lookout for that.
Also I'm going to try to do a few game reviews tomorrow, check the earlier post for access to my Gamespot account.

I finally DLed all of 12Sky 2 a couple days ago, it refused to work but I guess I wasn't the only one having this problem as they released a patch. I got the patch, played the game for less than 10 minutes, and then immediately uninstalled it. It's more of the same thing, some people are even at level 40. I take it they were there for the closed beta, but whatever. I'll stick with Guild Wars.

Keep Playing.