Friday, October 25, 2013

Control Freak: A Bone To Pick

Looking through my traffic sources on Blogger I've come across a few interesting findings; It seems that the majority of my page views have come from outside of the US. Not that I'm complaining about the total count but I'm a US-based blogger for games released mainly in the US. I don't have a PAL converter and I don't import any games; so I find it rather odd that in the last DAY alone, as of writing this, I received 50 page views from Indonesia. 

What do I have to do with that country??

This is just a gaming blog and if there are gamers in Indonesia who like to read my reviews then by all means that's awesome. Leave a comment (in English) and let me know what the gaming scene is like there. But if a website is redirecting people here for some unknown reason then I apologize. 
I am not affiliated with any website, professional or amateur, corporate or independent, in any way, shape, or form. Its just me at home pounding out my thoughts about games on my laptop. I do post my reviews to ScrewAttack and maybe some community-based sites but other than that I am not getting paid to do this. No corporation has given me review copies or codes. I didn't win any contests and I don't know people in the industry.

(On a side note: most of you are viewing from Internet Explorer. Time to drop that and get with Firefox, noobs. Also, 25 of you have viewed this from a PSP. Wow, way to stick to your guns. *thumbs up*)

Besides that incoming of views from outside the US, I've apparently been trafficked by a local sex/hook-up site. By local I mean that it has my city's name on the front page. While I make no bones about where I'm from, I try to not discuss it openly due to stereotypes. I have been called names because of my locale so to avoid any misconceptions about the people surrounding this town I prefer to stay away from them and write like I have a little intelligence. I'm open about being just a human. I'm not an Internet God and I don't conceal who I am. Some bloggers do that and it seems they're just trying to live a second life.

I just find it rather odd that I all of a sudden have views coming in from a foreign country. I'm also glad that so far no one has associated me with being a REAL mercenary. I don't think I've ever explained the meaning behind my gamertag:
I was once in a gaming clan for Counter-Strike, mainly Source. We had a decent-sized group of individuals and we were never serious about playing professionally, mostly pubs and scrim matches. It eventually came to a point where there were suddenly too many members for our leader to control. One day it just went away. I still talked to some of the members and they asked me to play with their new clans. So I would jump between clans, changing my clan tag with each one. I became a mercenary for them. At the time I was also playing Mercenaries on Xbox so the name seemed to fit. As for the BIG part... well I'm fat. Need I say more about that?

That's pretty much all I have to say. So if you've come here due to a redirect then I apologize. I don't have any affiliations with any website so they're linking to me without my knowledge. If you've found my blog somehow through a shady website that has nothing to do with gaming, then I apologize again. I'm just an amateur writer with a passion for gaming. I mean nothing in the grand scheme of the Internet. All I do is play games and write about them.

Keep Playing.