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Control Freak: Reviewer Pro-tips.

Time and time again I come across game reviews that make me lose faith in humanity, ones that are atrociously bad, make no sense, and make English teachers cry. Ones that have no rhyme, reason, or right to be on the internet.  I've compiled a short list of tips for those who do write those bad reviews. I know a lot of people won't care to follow these. I also know that some people will be outright indignant about these tips. "A hit dog will cry" is all I'm going to say to them. Meaning if you're offended, then you're guilty. I'm presenting this as a simple guide to people who write bad reviews of video games or any other medium for that matter. It's also a straightforward guide to those who are unsure about their reviewing prowess. We've all been guilty of bad reviews in our days, some of us still are. I'm not criticizing any particular person's review(s), but rather the people who just don't get it.

You are not the Angry Video Game N…

Control Freak: Why Am I Still On the Internet?

Aggression is a tricky thing: If you've got too much of it you can go mad with anger. Too little of it and you can quickly lose your point of argument. And the internet is already full of people who hate, often times for no good reason. My anger, right now, is directed at social networking sites, or rather, the people on them. I know it's probably internet blasphemy to talk bad about people's precious favorite websites, but agree or disagree, you've got to admit that these sites have their problems and simply ignoring them is not helping you nor anyone on your friend's lists. Aside from occasionally talking to someone on a social networking site, I don't really do much on the internet: ScrewAttack, Twitter, and a couple of other sites. That's it. Yet whenever I'm off of the internet, it's pretty much this:

Facebook: The biggest offender, I'm tired of the idiots who want to argue on Fakebook as though they're on a forum. Little do they reali…