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Review: Real Racing 3 (Update 1.5)

Uniquity is a hard thing to pin on a game such as... wait I've said that before...
But for the sake of arguing, that holds true for Real Racing 3. Most hardcore gamers have shunned mobile gaming as being just casual distractions for the day-to-day commuter, but there are still plenty of gamers (myself included) who don't mind having something to play when a console is either out of reach or is just becoming a tired media device. It was Christmas of last year that I received a Kindle Fire HD and the first thing I did was connect it to the Amazon Appstore to get games, among them was Real Racing 3 since it was free (I also paid for the Minecraft beta, which was a mistake). So what's better than "free?" While Real Racing 3 has microtransactions they're not needed to progress in the game all the way through. I myself have only spent roughly $7 to get more R$ ("Real Dollars," RR3's form of currency) and gold coins but that's because I wanted to. I …

RIP Justin Carmical, aka JewWario

A lot of people don't know who JewWario was, and that's a shame. He specialized in reviewing Japanese import video games that could be played in the US through various means. It was his passion to share his love of the weird Japanese games he may have found with the audience, and how easily they could be played in the US through a simple cable or box add-on. I didn't know him personally, and in fact, the only time he ever saw my name was when he replied to a comment I made in a chat stream of his, coincidentally the screenshot I took that's posted below is from that chat. What I can gather is that he was always friendly, funny, helped others out, and was just generally a nice guy overall. I'm probably one of the last people that should even be doing a "tribute" blog to JewWario since I didn't know him personally. But I feel like I did. Like if I walked up to him at a convention and said hi and told him who I was he'd just be friendly, he'd be in…

Review/Control Freak: Armored Core Verdict Day

I couldn't keep the review going for long. I'm done with this game. Welcome to a new entry into my Most-Hated Games List.

Armored Core premiered in 1997 on the original Playstation and with its combination of mech action, customization, and RPG-based credits reward system, it quickly became one of the best examples of mech simulation games to have ever been produced. The follow-up games being expansions took the game on a single-player quest and subsequently into the arenas. Fast forward 16 years later to 2013 where FROM SOFTWARE is still creating new Armored Core games and expansions. Verdict Day is not the initial release as it follows Armored Core V and even continues the story past the single-player campaign. But in these days of DLC add-ons and microtransactions, is it really worth it?

Earth is now a barren wasteland as three major corporations vie for control over territories that hold the remaining resources. The big three have worked out an uneasy truce among them but ar…