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Random Blog: Fighting Games (And My Problem Thereof)

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A few years ago I posted a blog on several gaming communities titled 2D Fighters (and my problem thereof). To date this has been the single most viewed blog I've ever had with over 1200 views on GameTrailers. The topic of fighting games is a big one and in most cases one that rarely brings out flamers unless you proclaim one game is better than another. Pretty much all fans of fighting games can agree that they take skill, timing, knowledge of character combos, hit detection, and a little bit of luck.
All of these are things that I don't have yet I still like to play them.

Every now and then I dig out Street Fighter Anniversary Collection and play 3rd Strike when my cousin's kids come over. I'm trying to teach them to play Ryu/Ken but they can't get the hang of the quarter-circle.

I'll give you a minute to pick yourself off of the ground from laughing so hard about that one: they don't know how to do the quarter-circle.

Better? Okay.

In the blog mentioned I talk about how I was hooked on fighting games for a while. I played through Guilty Gear X2 #Reload on the Xbox and broke several controllers because of I-No. To this day I have never bothered to try and beat her again. I went through the Dead or Alive series on Xbox with very few problems and was just underwhelmed with how easy it was to win while button-mashing. I'll give the DoA series kudos for fluid fighting controls and being able to smoothly stream combos together, but aside from that its shallow on story and mainly caters to pervs because of the jiggle physics. But I digress, I'm not here to review games.

Since writing that blog I've found:
Soul Blade on PS1
Soul Calibur on Dreamcast
Soul Calibur 3 on PS2
Street Figher Alpha on PS1
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max on PSP
Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition on Genesis
Super SF2 on SNES
Street Fighter IV on PC
Capcom vs SNK 2 EO on Xbox
Art of Fighting on SNES
King of Fighters '95 on GameBoy
King of Fighters R-2 on Neo Geo Pocket Color
King of Fighters XI on PS2 (which was stolen)
I reacquired TMNT Tournament Fighters and its still impossible to beat even one match
Killer Instinct on GameBoy
Primal Rage on GB and SNES
Fighter's History on SNES

As you can see my fighting game collection has increased quite a bit and some of them I'm amazed that I've found. I'm still looking for whatever fighting games I can and since recently getting a job Amazon and Ebay have opened up new doors. But while all of these games are great, they each do their own thing and do them well. I just have one major gripe  with all of them: I'm playing them alone.
On some rare occasions I can get together with some friends and play some Marvel vs Capcom 3, but unless its my cousin's kids who can't throw fireballs or being unable to win while being verbally abused by a "friend," I just can't find anyone to play with. I know there's always playing online but more people use the Xbox 360 and I have no money to spend on a gold account, on top of that it leaves out all the classic fighting games. I'm one of the few who prefers to have friends around when we're beating the crap out of each other.

On one hand I can hone my skills against the AI by playing offline but sooner or later I just grow tired of it and by the time that happens no one plays the game anymore. I'm not competitive so I don't really care about getting good enough for tournaments or playing online for hours.
Its all a dilemma: I love fighting games because of the skill, even though I lack it on most of them. I hate the fact that no one ever wants to play 1-on-1 with me because they think I already know all the moves to every character when I don't.

I recently bought Street Fighter IV on PC because it came with a DVD, it was cheap and it was a better option than the Sonic Mega Collection I was originally going to get for the DS (Sorry SEGA). It took over 10 minutes to install and when I hopped on I went right to the arcade but was immediately challenged by someone. After the fourth time that happened I figured out how to turn the auto-accept off and could play the arcade mode in peace. After that I only played two matches online and only won one round. It was good but my lack of experience coupled with slow connections of other players means its tough for me (not to mention that there were only 4 or 5 other people playing).
I've heard of people disconnecting because they started losing a match and I could easily disconnect by pressing a single key on my laptop but I promised myself I wouldn't do that. I played 2 hours of the arcade and got hellbent frustrated with how difficult it gets even on the easiest setting.

Which brings me to another problem I have with fighting games: the difficulty in arcade modes. I've said before and I'll always stand by it that I am not an expert at fighting games. Some of them, Street Fighter in particular, are known for increasing the difficulty with each match as you progress in the Arcade mode. I can understand and appreciate challenge, but when the AI knows exactly when to block after I throw what would have been a 6 hit combo at them, it starts to get more than a little ridiculous.

Another problem is the behemoth of Street Fighter, or more so Capcom itself. They've created a giant with the series and it seems that most reviewers always try to compare a new fighting game to anything SF-related. With Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition soon coming out along with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom AND Street Fighter x Tekken (additionally Tekken x Street Fighter due out next year), it seems impossible for any other series to hold a candle to the biggest fighting franchise in history.
I'll just come out and say it: I prefer King of Fighters. For the past few games they've gone through the Ash Crimson saga and are now on a new "storyline" in the game universe. The action is more fast-paced and the fighting system has changed little over the years. It doesn't need to change because its stable as it is.
Capcom also has a problem with DLC and being greedy. They've been releasing high-priced DLC not just for Street Fighter but for their other games as well as releasing new versions of SF, even after claiming they wouldn't do that. And yet people keep buying them.

I may forever be terrible at fighting games and I'm sure there are more controllers to be broken in my future, but I'll keep playing them. I enjoy the challenge of some fighting games even without other people. The fast-paced action of some of them is a good eye opener and keeps me on my toes with a good adrenaline rush. While it is up to me to push myself to get better, I'd rather play with other people more often than I do. I just bought SFIV on the PC and I have two PC controllers, I guess I can always trick my brother into playing against me.

 Keep Playing.

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